Flip-Pal Craft Edition DVD

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The Flip-Pal Craft Edition 2.2 DVD includes PagePlus X8, PhotoStack, CraftArtist 2 Professional,  and Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9. This carefully selected software package sold separately would typically have a retail value of over $160.

For Windows computers (not OS-X).

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This is an exclusive offer only for existing owners of Flip-Pal mobile scanner with Windows computers. If you are not a current customer, please order the Flip-Pal mobile scanner with the Craft Edition DVD at an even greater savings!

Start your project by scanning your favorite memories with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner, and then unleash your creativity with the Craft Edition 2.2 DVD. This carefully selected software package sold separately would typically have a retail value of over $160. Now as an owner of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner you can purchase the Craft Edition 2.2 software DVD complete with all the tools you need to easily and quickly make professional-looking projects at home and share your creativity with friends and family. For Windows 10, 8 and 7 computers (not OS-X). The DVD includes:

  • PagePlus X8: Professional document design for everyone. Create any type of document for your business, charity or club with incredibly professional tools and more layout control and power than ever before!
  • PhotoStack: Your life in perfect pictures. PhotoStack organizes everything for you! Your photos are grouped however you choose and you can customize all your settings to create stunning photo albums the way you and your family want them.
  • CraftArtist 2 Professional: The perfect software for crafting on your computer. The software could not be simpler to use – just drag and drop items onto the page and use the on-screen pointers for guidance.
  • Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9: Build your family tree, build your heritage. Family Tree Heritage makes searching for ancestors and creating your tree easy. Find records and important documents for your ancestors with one click for seamless searches to the world’s largest genealogy database.

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