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These are the rechargeable batteries and charger that we recommend and have tested with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner. They provide nearly 450 scans per charge cycle and don’t discharge when not being used. Purchase a spare set of 4 batteries so you can scan continuously, recharging one set while operating the Flip-Pal mobile scanner with the other set.

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The Eneloop battery charger with 4 AA rechargeable batteries utilizes Pansonic’s advanced rechargeable battery technology.

  • A set of fully charged Eneloop batteries has been tested to provide 450 scans for the Flip-Pal mobile scanner
  • Compact charging kit includes charger plus four NiMh, 2,000 mAh, AA size eneloop batteries
  • Batteries ship pre-charged at the factory using solar power and ready to use
  • Maintain 70% of their charge after 5 years (when not in use)
  • No memory effect – batteries can be recharged when fully, or partially discharged
  • Can be recharged up to 2,100 times with no memory effects
  • AC charger is designed for charging 2 or 4 of eneloop or other NiMh batteries
  • Cost of less than 4ยข per charge
  • 100v to 240v

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.2 in

1 review for Charger with 4 Batteries

  1. S. Locker

    We have been very pleasantly surprised with our Flip-Pal. I was worried that this might be one of those gadgets you buy, but then never use. I was wrong.

    Overall, it works exactly as the manufacturer claims, and the scans are very good.

    As with any battery-powered device, I find myself wishing that the batteries would last a big longer, but that is really the worst thing I can say about it. We have found it to be very versatile and fun, and have used it to (for example) scan in fabric samples to my iPhone for color-matching at the store, grabbed copies of family recipe cards (complete with notes and original handwriting), scanned interesting textures for scrapbooking use, and even scanned the bark of a tree for a science fair project for a family member!

    A great little product – would definitely recommend to everyone.

    EDITED AUGUST 2013: We have DRAMATICALLY increased the amount of scan time on a set of batteries by using rechargeable batteries! Bit of an investment on the front side, but I love being able to scan longer – and just recharge batteries, instead of carrying around a bunch of throw-aways that aren’t good for the environment anyway!

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