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Enter the Activation Key in the Record tab in the Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software.  Thereafter, you can record voice and combine it with the scanned image into a StoryScans talking image that is a high-fidelity (HD) and also small file that can be easily shared without a special player. Easily transform your scans into endearing stories.

The Activation Key is a 16-digit number with the following format:
Keep the key for possible future use.

The order confirmation page and email will provide links to download the Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software and your personal Activation Key.

Purchase of this activation key indicates your acceptance of the Exclusive Use License Agreement (EULA)

The Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software is compatible with desktops, laptops, notebooks, and other computers  running authentic Windows or OS-X.

If you have ordered a Wireless Upgrade, the Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software is pre-installed on the Mobi card with the StoryScans feature activated. You do not need to order the Activation Key separately.

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For the first time, you can effortlessly record voice and combine it with the scan to create an image that speaks.

StoryScans™  talking images are easy to create.  Simply Select the scan, Record the voice, and Save to create the StoryScans file.

  • For your Windows or OS-X laptop or computer, use the Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software (preinstalled on the SD card) and the laptop’s or computer’s microphone to record the voice.
  • For your mobile devices, use the free Flip-Pal ScanTools app from iTunes or Google Play and use the mobile device’s microphone to record the voice.

StoryScans talking images are easy to share. They combine sight and sound in a High Definition (HD) industry-standard mp4 file that does not require an additional player.  That file is small, and therefore faster to send over Wi-Fi or 3G, takes up less space on the hard drive, and won’t get separated when sending via email, posting on social media, or uploading to the cloud. The Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software includes automated uploads to your account on Facebook, Picassa, Dropbox, or Evernote. On your mobile devices, use your favorite apps to share.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With StoryScans talking images, pictures have the words included. All the nuances and inflections of the voice of the storyteller are important to really know the true meaning. The original story is forever kept with the image, no matter how it is shared. With written format, the emotional feeling is lost and is easily separated from the image.

How to create a StoryScans talking image using Toolbox 4 software

First, activate your Toolbox 4 software by entering the Activation Key under the Record tab.


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