How a Quilter Can Put a Flip-Pal to Use – In So Many Different Ways!    by Annie Mccarthy

mobile scanner for quilts

1) Organize all your stuff on the computer
2) When shopping; finding exactly the fabric / print you’re looking for
3) Getting a good-quality image to print images on fabric

Now, let me explain each of those points in more detail…


If you’re like me, you have a folder on your home computer along with a shoe-box or two of magazine clippings, drawings, tips, patterns, photos… The challenge is getting this all organized together in one place, easy to search, so you’re not spending time when trying to find a particular item … The Flip-Pal is perfect for getting the job done. Not only does it give great images, but it’s so easy to use, you can do your scanning while watching Laura Burns “Quilt In A Day” on TV! (TBV)

Just a few of the ways that the Flip-Pal can help you get organized:

• Scan the clippings and photos from your shoeboxes
• Scan patterns from your own quilts
• Scan patterns from quilts that inspire you; from friends, from a show, from magazines

Shopping for just the right fabric

You’ve finished or picked the design for your next quilt, and comes the fun of figuring out what prints
colors would go together best. You go to the store, and see several that might work. But, what if
you buy all that fabric and find out that they don’t quite go together the way you want? Well, if you
take the Flip-Pal to the store with you (it’s small enough to fit in your purse!), you can scan the various
fabrics you think might work. And then what?

Take the Flip-Pal (and all the scans) back home, and you have a couple of options:

1) If you have EQ …. Electric Quilt, www.electricquilt.com/ or equivalent you can load the scanned samples into your electronic design and see exactly how they’d look.

2) Even without such a software, you can cut and paste the images into a drawing of your design.

Once you’re sure of which fabrics you really like, you can buy just those. If you’re an on-line shopper,
you can use the scans to find the same or better fabrics at your favorite on-line stores. Perhaps, you’ll
find cheaper, the right quantity, or perhaps a color that works even better than the one you found

In fact, you might find just the perfect color or print somewhere else – a painting, an autumn leaf, a child’s water color, even a stained wood surface or granite counter-top. Just scan the item, and use it as above. Or, print it out, and take it to your local stores to see what they have in that style.

Making your own Printed Fabric

Scanning will give you a better result than with a regular photo,because of a more detailed picture. When making a family heirloom using pictures from family members you can use your Flip-Pal to scan them all to later print them on fabric. If you are lucky and find at the County Records, the birth certificate or better yet the marriage certificate of Grandpa and Grandma, you can take your Flip-Pal with you and scan those documents right over there and get a much better accuracy than a photocopy.
To help you with the process of turning scanned images into a quilt go visit this website :www.quiltbug.com/articles/photos.htm

Flip-Pal has made my quilter projects even more fun and has helped me getting even more creative. It’s a great tool to have!

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