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You can rebuild a house, but you can’t recapture lost memories. Imagine leaving your home and never returning to see it in the same condition again. It doesn’t take much for Mother Natural’s wrath to ruin everything we’ve worked for all our lives. Have you quietly said, “Thank goodness we were spared.” Ask anyone who has lost their home to a disaster if they could roll the clock back would they have taken steps to protect and preserve their sentimental photos and images of their home. Most would say yes.  Now is the time for you to also say that yes. Be prepared and digitally preserve your photos before they are lost to accident or natural disaster.

September is Save Your Photos Month. Join the Flip-Pal team for our event on Sep 22 from 1:00 – 2:30 in the POA building, 58 Firehouse Lane, Red Feather Lakes, CO. Cosponsored with the Red Feather Historical Society and Red Feather Lakes Library.

Watch Janine describe her experience as the family’s historian.

Save Your Photos Bundle

Save $25.00 on the Save Your Photos Value Pack. It combines the scanner, carry case, and rechargeable batteries with charger – perfect for saving a large number of photos and memorabilia. FREE shipping.

Vivid-Pix RestoreAdd the RESTORE software by Vivid-Pix. It is the fast and easy solution to restore and enhance your old photos and documents. The simple grid layout makes choosing the best scan fast and easy. 1-click improvement to images. Fine-tune with easy-to-use sliders.

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The Flip Side News has interesting articles, videos, special offers, and practical tips. There is no charge to you. Our sincere desire is to provide you information and tools for collecting, organizing, and safeguarding your photos, documents, videos, and other memorabilia for your enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of future generations. In addition, we want you to be prepared in case of an unexpected loss from large and small accidents, fire, wind, and water.

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