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Take this week to scan more photos, focusing on your mother’s favorites. Use StoryScans software to record the life stories about each photo This is Mother’s Day season when we thank our moms and all the great women who have positively shaped our lives and influenced the individuals we are today. Take this week to scan photos that are your mom’s favorites. Create StoryScans talking images that forever record the life stories about motherhood that she has about each.

Remember the gift of time is the best gift to give. You will be surprised at how often reminiscing about your life stories conveyed through photos opens the floodgates to memory. Suddenly mom is pulling old photos or family documents out of a drawer to show you something. She will really appreciate the time you spend with her, showing that you care about the treasures she has been saving.  You will both light up with delight!

Use some of the photos in your mom’s special collection and create a custom-made gift certificate from you offering to help organize her photos. You can then present her with a Flip-Pal mobile scanner as part of her gift.

The number of photos may be as few as in a shoe box, or as large as a 38-gallon container. Either way, you’ll be reliving memories as you sort and organize events in your family’s history.

Bring grandchildren into the scanning mix and now the preservation process will have an even deeper value and strength among the generations.

Printable Life Story Questions

Click on image to download the printable “Life Story Questions about Motherhood”

As you weed through photos of mom you’ll naturally develop questions in your mind as you wonder what the backstory is in each print. You’ll naturally wonder what mom has appreciated about her life and how she views being a mother and grandmother. Consider asking her these top life story questions about motherhood and create StoryScans talking images with her responses to those life questions. Thankfully, I prevented regret by asking my own mother these questions two years ago before she passed.

Keep scanning

Tip: When organizing your photos, select a timeframe in your life, such as elementary school images, family weddings, hobbies, 1970s, etc. Group your images by subject matter or date.

Tip: Many photo editing software programs allow you to tag images to make finding photos of a similar topic easier later on. If that’s too time consuming for you consider creating a simple document that lists each subfolder of digital images, the date they were shot, what’s in it, key images, where they were taken and the name of the photographer (if necessary). This working document could function like your index to your family archive. You can also use a spreadsheet, but a document is super simple. I created one for a former employer that simply answers the questions when, what, where, who, why, how, and photographer, just in case there are copyright issues down the road.

Tip: Make a game out of asking Mom the life story questions. Have her pull numbers out of a hat and answer questions randomly. Make sure she pulls #20 eventually.

adapted from original written by Mary V. Danielsen of Documented Legacy

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