Scanning photographs, documents and other memories for an event

Finding a good scanner is essential when getting ready for an event such as graduation, wedding, 1-year birthday, or bar mitzva.

A large part of this process is collecting old photographs, pictures and variety of documents. In the past these items have been kept in folders, filing cabinets, envelopes and other physical containers. These time and space consuming organizational methods have big limitations and are being replaced by the availability and technology of digital storage and presentation. When you need to keep track of what everything from a scrap of paper to an old family photograph, digital conversion of memories, family documents and public records can not only save time and space, but also open many new ways to share and present this information. There may be occasions when you need to make copies of documents, although a photocopy is great, scanning the document onto your computer is often the best method. With that in mind a portable scanner can be very useful. Scanning family history records and pictures allows you the ability to reproduce multiple copies at a later date without any loss of quality. Also printed documents are a viable alternative to a scrapbook, as the original document doesn’t get damaged.

All of the supplies you need for the early stages of your research are easy to come by, once you have exhausted your family members memories. You need to start looking for other sources of information. One of the most common methods currently used is the Internet. In the abstract a web site may not appear to be a supply, however with family history it is. Most of the easy to use web sites charge a small fee. From experience paying that small fee is money well spent. You might also consider buying some specialist genealogy software to help organize and structure your work. Genealogy software allows you to store all the photographs and documents you scanned into your computer.

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