Five Quick Sewing Projects that Make Great Gifts

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Everyone loves a present from the heart, because it shows how much you care for them. Don’t know what kind of gift to make? Here are a few suggestions.

gifts handmadeTote bow bag

This gift is both beautiful and practical. It’s also quite stylish which makes it great for both young girls and older women. You can make it by using a needle and a thread or if you want to finish it fast and add some additional flair to it, by using one of the fancy decorative stitches on your sewing machine. Sewing machines come in different types and each type has its benefits and drawbacks – it excels in one area, but lacks in another. However, most of the machines on the market have at least a couple of decorative stitches that you can use.

Three quarters of a yard of canvas fabric should be enough material for making a normal size tote bag. After just one afternoon, this gift will be ready to be wrapped up.

With the Flip-Pal mobile scanner you can make this bag more special with a holiday card with a memorable photo of you and the person who gets the gift. All you have to do is to scan and print the image of your choice and put it in the bag as a surprise.

Faux leather purse

These purses cost a small fortune in department stores, but if you made one yourself it would cost very little. Yet it would not lack in quality when compared to the ones from the mall. In fact, this DIY purse would be even better because it’s a one of a kind. With faux leather in all kinds of different colors that you can find in any shop that sells sewing supplies, your possibilities when it comes to design are practically limitless. Making a purse like this isn’t all that hard and you can finish it in a few hours with a sewing machine.

If you wish to add something extra to this purse, use Flip-Pal to scan a photo of your choice and then put it inside of the purse. Then whenever the person dear to you opens that purse and sees the picture, they’ll remember you.

owl doorstopJeans owl doorstop

Owls are really hot right now and it seems like everyone adores owl shaped objects which makes this gift ideal for anyone dear to you. The best part of it is the fact that you’ll be recycling old jeans and therefore doing a favor to the environment. Just cut out the jeans, stitch some decorations to them and finally stuff some filling inside it to give it shape. Feel free to experiment and make it better if you think up of something interesting.

You can use the Flip-Pal scanner to make a gift tag with a holiday photo and add it to this cute owl. It will give it that festive touch that everyone loves.

Leather laptop or tablet case

Who doesn’t love unique laptop or tablet cases? They look great and protect your precious device. Just grab some faux leather in the color of your choice at the sewing supply store and you’ll be able to create this gift during one afternoon. Use a needle and a thread or a sewing machine, it’s your call.

Don’t forget to use your Flip-Pal scanner  to create a nice gift tag that goes together with this present. Scan an old photo of you and the person you’re giving the gift to and surprise them with a flood of wonderful memories from the past.

Unique gardening apron

This apron makes for a great gift for anyone who enjoys gardening. With a bunch of pockets that are ideal for holding various tools and other gardening items, it can make this hobby easier and more enjoyable. About a yard of fabric, double fold bias tape and a sewing machine is all you need for this project. It takes around an hour for you to make this apron.

No gift is complete without a gift tag, so use the Flip-Pal scanner to make one that goes well with this one. Make one with a photo of the person in their garden maybe?

Now you’re officially ready for truly memorable gift-giving. Let me know what you think about these gift suggestions in the comment section below, I’d love to hear your opinion!

4 Responses to Five Quick Sewing Projects that Make Great Gifts

  1. Lisa February 22, 2020 at 2:02 pm #

    Love having some new ideas for using my FlipPal!! Thanks!

  2. Anonymous February 21, 2020 at 10:19 pm #

    I scanned then printed onto fabric . Then cut around the photo & sew it on the gift eg. bag

  3. Anonymous February 21, 2020 at 10:10 pm #

    After scanning print the photo onto fabric & stitch to outside of the bag . .Makes a lovely gift .

  4. Julie D Grant February 21, 2020 at 6:53 pm #

    One can also embellish any cloth gift – purse, apron, quilt, etc, by printing out a picture from the Flip-Pal, tracing it on the gift & sewing, embroidery, fabric paint, or any other craft embellishment of your choosing. Great for family history gifts, too.

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