Sharing a Heirloom

[Editor’s note: Bob Keesy shares his thoughts about his mother-in-law.]

Mary Lou

Mary Lou


My mother-in-law unfortunately passed away too young and left us many heirloom memories. She was an amazing, energetic, hard working, woman of strong character.  She held a lot of influence over the family; oldest daughter, sons, and husband Jerry.  This influence carried over to me as the suitor and then husband for her daughter, Paula.  In the spring of 1979 she was gone but never to be forgotten.

Jump forward thirty-plus years to 2010. Karen, our sister-in-law, had by then become a published teacher-author of pattern books for a detailed style of painting used in arts and crafts.  Jerry was 82 and Karen convinced him to loan her a copy of Mary Lou’s graduation photograph under the pretense she would like to get a copy made.

How we digitally collected the heirloom

Karen took the original studio portrait and does in fact make a copy for her to handle. Then she painstakingly makes a glossy acrylic painting in color from the black and white photograph and her memories of Mary Lou. The rich color and paint brought the studio photograph to life. The painting was a gift to Jerry and none of us could totally hold back some tears from welling up in our eyes; but especially Jerry. Mary Lou was reunited with him in that moment, as he remembered her from their courting days.  As sons and daughters of Jerry and Mary Lou, we ourselves have our own sons and daughters within five to ten years of that graduation picture age. The moment was special for all of us.

Save and Share!

There is only one painting which now belongs to Jerry. The issue was how to share copies of it with Jerry’s three children. It needed to be digitally captured and saved. Easy solution!  I digitally scanned the painting using the Flip-Pal. Given the size of the painting I needed twelve over-lapping scans.  Then I easily used the EasyStitch program provided to reconnect them into one digital file copy of the painting. Now I have a high quality digital copy of the painting.  I have shared this between our families. In part two of this article I will describe how I created different things from that file.


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