About StoryScans

Record voice and merge it with the scan
to create an image that speaks.

Flip-Pal is the only scanner that lets you do more than just scan your old photos and other memorabilia with the names and dates. Preserve life’s stories as talking images. Use the Flip-Pal Toolbox software (included on the SD card) to record voice and combine it with the scan into a small and also high definition (HD) mp4 video file that tells the story. The sight and sound never get separated.

Imagine how your family and friends will feel when you send them the picture of your uncle, with him describing the coincidences of how he was inducted into the Navy. Papa enjoying the antipasto – a bit early. Your mom’s 10th birthday, with her mom and grandma. Grandma’s recipe card showing the fine details of her handwriting, tattered edges, smudges, the decorative picture, with her voice telling you about it. And, every grandparent would cherish seeing a scan of your daughter’s drawing she created today in art class, with her voice telling about it. Watch this video having those StoryScans talking images. It’ll inspire you with endless possibilities for your stories that will enrich your life and of those around you.

Easy to Create

StoryScans talking images are easy to create.  Simply Select the scan, Record the voice, and Save to create the StoryScans file.

  • For your Windows or OS-X laptop or computer, use the Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software (preinstalled on the SD card) and the laptop’s or computer’s microphone to record the voice.
  • For your mobile devices, use the free Flip-Pal ScanTools app from iTunes or Google Play and use the mobile device’s microphone to record the voice.

Easy to Share

StoryScans files are easy to share. Since they combine sight and sound in a High Definition (HD) industry-standard mp4 file, you can easily share it over the internet (email, social media, cloud sharing sites) without a separate player.  That file is also small, and therefore faster to send over Wi-Fi or 3G and takes up less space on the hard drive.

Bring Memories to Life

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With StoryScans talking images, pictures have the words included that tell the story. All the nuances and inflections of the voice of the storyteller are important to really know the true meaning. With written format, the emotional feeling is lost. The stories behind our beloved photos bring our memories to life.

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