Upgrading to StoryScans

Good News: All models and age of Flip-Pal mobile scanners can be upgraded to have the StoryScans feature.

Wireless: using a mobile device or computer with Wi-Fi:  Purchase a Wireless Upgrade. The Toolbox 4 software is preinstalled on the Wi-Fi card with the Record feature activated.  The ScanTools app is available on the iTunes app store for iOS devices, and the Google Play app store for Android devices. Download from Keenai applications the desktop software for OS-X or Windows, or the mobile app for iOS or Android.

Conventional: moving SD card from scanner to computer: Download the newest version of Toolbox 4 software and install on your current SD card. Or, purchase a Storyscans 4GB Upgrade. It will have the new version pre-installed. Use it in place of your current card.

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