Upgrading to StoryScans

Good News: All models and age of Flip-Pal mobile scanners can be upgraded to have the StoryScans feature.

Wireless: using a mobile device or computer with Wi-Fi:  Purchase a Wireless Upgrade. The Toolbox 4 software is preinstalled on the FlashAir Wi-Fi card.  The ScanTools app is available on the iTunes app store for iOS devices, and the Google Play app store for Android devices. Download the FlashAir applications for OS-X or Windows, or the mobile app for iOS or Android.

Conventional: moving SD card from scanner to computer: Download the newest version of Toolbox 4 software and install on your current SD card. Or, purchase a Storyscans 4GB Upgrade. It will have the new version pre-installed. Use it in place of your current card.

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