StoryScans Examples

These examples of StoryScans talking images illustrate how voices transform scans into stories. Hopefully they will spark ideas of your own.  The possibilities are endless.

Click on each image to play the StoryScans examples

Uncle Crew's induction into NavyInduction into the Navy

This picture of uncle Crew reminds him of the coincidences of how he was inducted into the Navy. Drafted in 1944 with choice of Army, Navy, or Air Corps. He had to wait to get into the Navy, which influenced the rest of his life.  In this StoryScans talking image, he describes that story, and how he now feels very lucky.


Karins Art“Refrigerator” art

Karin’s granddaughter Jenny remembers the book about chameleons that they read together.  That book inspires Jenny to paint this watercolor. She emails it to grandma as a StoryScans talking image so that she can see her beautiful artwork and hear her description of it.


Granny Nina makes the best Cotechino in the world. One Sunday we went to her house for dinner and got there early enough to help her make it. Whenever we go see her, I always bring my Flip-Pal with me, just in case. The first thing I did was use my Flip-Pal to scan Grandma’s recipe. I then used my smart phone to record Grandma talking about her recipe.

Whenever my family is in the mood for Italian food, I find Granny’s recipe on my tablet, play back the audio from that afternoon and just smile as I make it myself. It feels like she’s right there in my kitchen making it with me.

Crab festThe girls with grandpa at annual crab fest

This picture is from the late 70’s at the house in Bayfield. What a great bucket of crabs! Janet keeps a safe distance, but Molly is ready to put them in the pot of water with mom in the kitchen.



Art10 x 18″ hand-drawn art

My daughter came home from school today, very excited about a drawing she had finished in art class.  It was her first watercolor and she was rightfully proud of it.  It was large – 10 x 18″ – so we scanned it in 10 sections and stitched it with Flip-Pal EasyStitch software. She then spoke a note about it for her daddy, who was deployed in Afghanistan.


Black Crow InnInvitation to the Black Crow Inn for reunion

Sonja, the coordinator for the family reunion, uses a StoryScans talking image to describe how fun it would be to have the event at the Black Crow Inn.

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