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GatheringsFor many of us, the season of vacation travel and various gatherings that involve close friends and family is upon us. Whether your family and friends are together to watch the Olympics, celebrate 4’th of July, reunite for a family reunion, or just enjoy a beautiful day, these events are the perfect opportunity to share stories, photos and memorabilia.

Photos denote a time period, location and context that beautifully supports a story. What if we took the opportunities when we’re with family and friends this summer to bring photos to share and help us remember? And better yet, why don’t we scan those photos onsite and add them to the photos from the event in a shared online album? Excited about the idea but a bit apprehensive? Let this article help you plan this photo round-up and explain various online photo sharing sites.

Communicate with Others

IdeaBulbA few weeks/months prior to the event contact the organizer or host to share your idea. If possible, ask if they can add a line on the invitation to have attendees bring photos to share. Include in the request that you will have your Flip-Pal mobile scanner so the original photo will not leave the premises. Don’t forget to add your contact information so folks can ask questions beforehand.

If a formal announcement sounds like too much effort, feel free to bring your scanner and informally offer to help. Your friend may have a drawer in her kitchen full of old photos we all would have loved to show families upon our return.

Often times you only need one person to get the ball rolling on a project like this and all will be grateful.

Purchase a Flip-Pal mobile scanner

IdeaBulbThis scanner is very easy to use and there are a variety of Getting Started tutorials to guide you along. Test out the scanner in advance so you are clear on how to use the device the day of. The weight of scanner is less than a hard-bound book and I promise, it won’t hold you up in the security line!

Your scanned photos will be saved on an SD memory card that you can copy to your home computer when you return.

Read on to learn about the various sharing options of the digital photo sites.

Consider your Time

IdeaBulbConsider how many photos you can conceivably scan during the event duration and perhaps put a limit on the number of photos per individual you will scan. You might also want to train another family member so you can actively participate in the event.

Your Flip-Pal scanner can also scan through glass and large format photos. Take the scanner around the house and scan framed photos, portraits, war medals and so on. Take this opportunity to scan more than you first might have imagined because when you return home these additions might be the perfect last piece to the story.

Record Notes and Create StoryScans talking images           

IdeaBulbGatherings are opportunities to celebrate being together with great food, shopping and lots of laughter as we reminisce about old school days – sometimes wishing there was a little bird in our ear that could remind us of details we struggle to piece together as we told a story. Our memory fades with time and even more so when we’re excited about a project. Record the voice of the person you are with describing the picture to create StoryScans talking images and you will forever have the picture combined with information about it!

Write down contact information of the person whose photos you are scanning and creating StoryScans talking image. Ask if they would like a copy of the files emailed to them or sent via a CD/DVD or flash drive.

Assign Someone to be the “Event Photographer”

Ask someone who is comfortable with digital cameras to take pictures of the attendees, table settings, surroundings and decorations. Many friends and family will take pictures but if someone is asked to be in charge, there seems to be more success in getting photographs of everyone. In addition, you will just have one person to coordinate with when you two work together to merge the scanned photo sets with the day of.  You can create StoryScans talking images using those pictures from the digital camera. Simply put the Flip-Pal SD card into the camera. When you run the Toolbox 4 software, browse to the pictures taken by the camera.  They will be in a folder similar to /DCIM/NIKON.

As a host, we put so much effort into the details of a gathering. Take pictures of the food and environment and describe them in the StoryScans file so the host can be certain their efforts were appreciated.

Merge your Scanned and Event Photos for Distribution

Review the Flip-Pal tutorials for instructions on how to copy your files onto your computer. Rename and label the files with information from the owner. Merge the set from the event photographer so you have one folder with all images.

Distribute Photos from the Event

How we share digital photos varies widely because of the wide spectrum of technical expertise held by the end user. Consider the comfort level of your audience and perhaps distribute the photos in two formats.

  1. copy all images to a CD or flash drive and mail through the post office and
  2. upload the files to an online sharing site

In conclusion, enjoy your summer and take these rare opportunities of being together to reminisce and connect with these digital images. Now pack your last Hawaiian shirt, close the zipper on your suitcase, grab your Flip-Pal mobile scanner, and get going!

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