Software Update/Download

For owners who purchased their scanner prior to October 2015, you may want to check to see if you have the current version of Toolbox software. Selecting the Help tab will have it access the internet and after a few seconds indicate whether you have the current version. If it isn’t, you can either click the Update botton, or click this button to download a file to your computer that you extract/unzip to the SD card.




The Flip-Pal Toolbox software is compatible with all versions of OS-X and Windows.

It comes with an intuitive interface with web-like navigation.

  • Use EasyStitch to assemble multiple scans of large originals.
  • Edit has rotation, cropping, and color correction
  • Use Record to create StoryScans talking images
  • Share adds quick and convenient login and uploading of scans to the cloud, including Dropbox, Evernote, and Facebook
  • Copy and delete scans from the Files menu
  • The Community page has many recommended Flip-Pal partners that you can connect with to round out your scanning solution
  • The resources available on Help include the latest versions of the User’s and Quick Start Guides and other instructive documents, How-to videos, and FAQs. It automatically checks that you have the latest Toolbox version.

Download Documentation

Click here to download the Flip-Pal Quick Start Guide
Click here to download the Flip-Pal User’s Guide (aka: manual)

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