How do I run the Toolbox software on my Mac computer?
When you plug the SD memory card into a Mac, after a short delay it will appear on the desktop as an icon called Flip-Pal or No Name. Double-click to launch it. You may ignore all the other files as they are only for Windows machines.

When I insert the SD card, Photos launches and imports the scans but I cannot find them later.
If the Photos app launches when you plug the SD card into your computer, we recommend you close it so it does not interfere with Flip-Pal Toolbox operations. If you want to use the import feature of Photos, you should select the appropriate option during import so that the images are not erased from the SD card.

Can I select multiple scans or other files all at once with my Mac?
You can click and select more than one scan by clicking each one sequentially. You can also select a contiguous group of files by selecting the first of a series, holding the Shift key down, then clicking on the last scan you want to select from the group. They will now all be highlighted and you can drag and drop them to the new location.

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