Separating Documents to be Stitched

I recently scanned over 200 large documents using the Flip-Pal. Does the EasyStitch software recognize where each document starts and stops?

The EasyStitch software can not detect the start and end of the scans comprising each document. You do that by visually selecting that document’s scans in the viewer. That can be difficult with the small thumbnails.

When scanning multiple documents to be stitched later, do a scan with nothing on the glass before starting each new document. That will add a white “separating” scan to help you distinguish and organize each in the viewer.

However, if you didn’t do that when scanning your 200 documents, here’s what you can do now that you are back at your computer. This example is from Windows.  Use a similar process for Mac.

In this example, there are 3 newspaper articles to be stitched. The first one has 3 scans, the next one has 6 scans, and the last one 2 scans. It is difficult to see where each one starts.

Without separator scan

  1. Do a scan with no picture on the flatbed to use as a separator.  It will be all white.
  2. Put the SD card into your computer and use Windows File Manager to browse to its DCIM/100_SCAN folder. Use the Large Icons view. SCAN0126.JPG through SCAN0128.JPG are the 3 scans of the first newspaper article.
  3. Find the separator (all white) scan SCAN0137.JPG. Right-click it and select COPY.
  4. Next, right-click in the white area and select PASTE. A new file SCAN0137-Copy.JPG will be created. Rename that file SCAN0128a.JPG.
  5. Create another separator file by right-clicking on the white area and select PASTE again. File SCAN0137-Copy.JPG will be created. Rename that file SCAN0134a.JPG.

The File Manager window will now look like this.

Now, run Flip-Pal Toolbox software by clicking on Win Flip-Pal Toolbox in the root directory of the SD card and select the EasyStitch tab. The separator scans you created will now identify the start and end of each of the three newspaper articles.

Select the first three scans SCAN126 through SCAN128 and click “Start Stitching” to stitch the first newspaper article.

Then select the next 6 scans SCAN129 through SCAN134 and click “Start Stitching” to stitch the second newspaper article.

Lastly, scroll down and select the next 2 scans SCAN135 through SCAN136 and click “Start Stitching” to stitch the third newspaper article.

Scroll down to see the stitched scans.

In Windows File Manager it looks like this:

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