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Should I update the Keenai applications?

Owners of the Wireless Upgrade or other MOBI wireless cards from EyeFi may receive notices to update their software. This may be confusing because EyeFi’s online photo service called EyeFi Cloud was acquired by Ricoh and rebranded as Keenai.

Updating is recommended, but you do not need to subscribe to the Keenai photo storage membership for the Flip-Pal to transfer its scan files wirelessly.

If you did not opt-out of the Keenai membership when installing the Desktop Application (Mac OSX or Windows) or Mobile App (iOS or Android), you can go to your Keenai account and cancel it before the 30-day free trial converts to a $4.99/month paid account.

Can I transfer the files to multiple computers?

Be careful about installing the Application on more than one host. If you do, some of your scans might go to one device, and some to the other, depending on which it paired with at the time you scan. That could get confusing. The WiFi signal on the card is strong enough to connect with a host in an adjacent room without you being aware of it.

With the wireless cards, will I still be able to stitch those pictures that are too large for one pass of the Flip-Pal?

Yes, you can.

The conventional procedure would be to take the SD card out of the scanner, put it in your Windows or OS-X computer, and run the Toolbox software directly from the card.  That, however, defeats one of the conveniences of the wireless card – staying in the scanner.

To take advantage of keeping the wireless card in the scanner, copy all the files on the wireless card to the hard drive on your computer and then run the Toolbox software from the computer.  That copy process is described in this FAQ on software speed.

The first time you run the Toolbox software, browse to the folder on your computer where the scans were transferred to wirelessly and select the scans you want to stitch. The default folder in Windows is /pictures/Eye-Fi Photos.

What’s the difference between the Wireless Upgrade (using the Mobi 4GB card) and the Mobi 8GB card?

One has 4GB (stores over 2,000 300dpi scans) and the other one has 8GB (stores over 4,000 scans).  Both can be used for wireless operation.  The Wireless Upgrade includes a Quick Start Guide and plastic membership card with the Serial number in a 5×5″ mailer. The 8GB card comes in retail packaging with the serial number on the back of the plastic SD card holder. Click here to download the Quick Start Card which can be used with either version.

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