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Tribe Shirts

A Hungarian Family Reunion

[Editor’s note: Lisa Milner discusses her experiences attending a large family reunion.] Last year I attended a huge family reunion in Minnesota and had a blast! Thinking back on this trip, here’s how I used my Flip-Pal mobile scanner to scan all of the old, one of a kind, pictures provided by family members and […]


Canvas Wall Art

[Editor’s note: Bob Keesy gives some basic pointers about making Canvas wall art. This post is a continuation of the previous post, Sharing a Heirloom] In my Sharing a Heirloom post I explained the story of a special heirloom we have in our family and how I scanned it and used the Easy-Stitch software to digitize […]

Mary Lou

Sharing a Heirloom

[Editor’s note: Bob Keesy shares his thoughts about his mother-in-law.] Background My mother-in-law unfortunately passed away too young and left us many heirloom memories. She was an amazing, energetic, hard working, woman of strong character.  She held a lot of influence over the family; oldest daughter, sons, and husband Jerry.  This influence carried over to […]

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