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A Passion for Helping Disaster Victims

[Editor’s note: Flip-Pal user James Coffeen sent a letter to support@flip-pal.com suggesting a plan for action when devastation strikes and fires, floods and tornadoes threaten the loss of precious family photos.] There is something I’d like to do. Several years ago, at a retirement home, I started scanning old photos for both residents and employees. One reason I did […]

Scanning photographs, documents and other memories for an event

Finding a good scanner is essential when getting ready for an event such as graduation, wedding, 1-year birthday, or bar mitzva. A large part of this process is collecting old photographs, pictures and variety of documents. In the past these items have been kept in folders, filing cabinets, envelopes and other physical containers. These time […]


“WOW! What an awesome tool. I can think of many reasons to have this. My mom just asked me if I can scan photos of her parents, they are from 1920! I was too scared to take them for fear of loosing them or damaging them! This tool, I could scan them (and more) right […]

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