Tax Records – Beyond Keeping Receipts

Income Tax Form 1944As Tax Day approaches, many of us will spend this week preparing our state and federal income tax forms. Ever wonder about your ancestors and what they had to do in terms of paying taxes?

How to Locate Tax Records

Tax records are a great source of family history data and if you know where to look, you can find tax information for your ancestors.

  • Cyndi’s List has over 108 resources related to taxes and genealogy.
  • The search term “list of taxpayers” in Google Books  delivers a treasure trove of early tax records on the local level such as property taxes and more.
  • Also “The Income record: a list giving the taxable income for the year 1863 of every resident of New York” is also available on Google Books.

And don’t forget that the Flip-Pal mobile scanner can not only help you scan those tax records images, but it is the perfect solution for scanning receipts for your own taxes this year!  Get organized this tax season . . . get a Flip-Pal mobile scanner!

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