Top Reasons to Scan Your Photos

Here are 5 top reasons to scan your photos – before it is too late!

#1 The Clock is Ticking

Loose PhotosYour memories of the past are currently fighting for survival. Regardless of how well you stored your old photographs, film, or slides; they have already begun to deteriorate extensively. Much like the years you took those photos in, they were never meant to last forever, and have already gotten a bit hazy. Many of us forget that photographs and film are made using chemicals. As these chemicals breakdown they cause the photos to fade, colors to change, or even form holes in the image. This deterioration happens without any outside interference; so even if you’ve kept you collection in an airtight container, they’ve still already suffered damage. The longer you wait the worse it gets, if you’re not careful you could lose the images all together.

#2 Natural Disasters and Accidents

House damaged by floodWeather you believe it or not (see what I did there?) we’ve been seeing a large increase in the frequency of severe weather conditions. More floods, bigger forest fires, and nastier hurricanes; they all have one thing in common, they want your memories. Few heartbreaks compare to the feeling of losing precious memories in a natural disaster, as if history itself has been wiped away. Even if nature remains calm, what about everyday accidents? A pipe burst in the winter, a fire in the summer, or even a coffee spill at the wrong time can take your memories away from you. Sure you can get insurance for your property, but nothing can replace those once in a lifetime memories. So do yourself a favor and get some memory insurance! Once your photos have been scanned, you can move them between computers with ease and make as many copies as you want! So you can always have a back-up safe somewhere, perhaps even the cloud…the one that isn’t full of rain and lightning.

#3 “Hey Mom Who Was This?….Mom?”

Daughter and GrandmotherIt’s hard to think about; but the people in those photos or the ones who took them, aren’t going to be around forever. And with the photos deteriorating more and more each day, soon it will be hard to tell who the people in the photos even are. The physical deterioration aside, memories fade all the time. Once your photos are scanned and you’re going through them renaming the files with descriptions, you’re bound to run into a photo you just can’t place; that’s why it’s great to be able to call up someone else who might remember and pick their brain. Those who share your memories are a phenomenal resource, but who knows how long you’ll have time to access that resource, better sooner than later. You could even make a game night out of it, invite over family and friends who might be in the photos, throw the images up on the TV, and have a great time playing “remember when?” It’ll add another great memory to your collection. To take it a step further, you can utilize Flip-Pal’s StoryScans feature and record voiceover for the photos, to capture the story behind it as told by the people who were there! Imagine having an old photo of your mom and dad meeting for the first time and being able to hear them talk about it whenever you want, to be able to hear their voices whenever you want. It’s invaluable.

#4 Organizing Made Simple

Box of PhotosHaving boxes of photos lying around takes up a lot of space, usually in a dirty basement or attic, and what’s worse is that you don’t know exactly where the photo you want to look at is. Now while digging through all that may sound like an adventure to some, to most of us it sounds like a hassle. If your photos were scanned however, you could sort through them very quickly (and cleanly), making folders and subfolders for pinpoint organizing by name, date, family, etc. The best part? The files will always stay in that order. No more accidentally knocking over a box or dropping a stack you were holding and having to start all over again. Organize it once, enjoy it forever.

#5 It’s Actually Affordable Now

In the past you either had to pay a small fortune for someone to scan your photos, all the while being nervous that they would damage them. Or you could spend a slightly smaller fortune on your own scanner and spend weeks doing it yourself. Well the good news is that those days are long gone. Flip-Pal will let you scan anywhere, anytime, even when you’re just watching tv, without any cords. This way you’re not bunkered down at the computer for hours on end. You can even keep your photos in place in their albums while scanning them. If you feel comfortable letting someone else do the scanning; scanning services are now cheaper than ever. Although be careful, most large companies outsource overseas so be sure to ask where the scanning occurs (for the record we do all our work in office in Lodi NJ). Scanning companies can now scan thousands of photos a day at a variety of resolutions for only a few cents each. You even get discounts the more photos you have, up to 30% off! So it’s never been more affordable to get it done, it’s never been as fast, and it’s never been as safe.

Make the right call and stop risking your memories. Scan your photos right away (preferably with your Flip-Pal mobile scanner or by Smooth Photo Scanning), before its too late.

Author bio:

Brandon is the owner of Smooth Photo Scanning Services, headquartered in Lodi, NJ. Prior to that he owned and operated a small bakery. It may seem like a far stretch but at the end of the day his work is all about making people happy. He is passionate about helping individuals protect, preserve and share their family history and takes pride in the many high quality yet affordable photo restoration services his company provides. Other than working to grow and improve his business, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and family.

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  1. Anonymous February 20, 2018 at 6:32 pm #

    Great article and very helpful. PS. You used he wrong “whether’ in the above article!

    • Shirley February 25, 2018 at 10:52 am #

      Didn’t you notice the “(see what I did there.?)” by “weather”? I got it! Very good article!

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