Introducing the Flip-Pal mobile scanner

Are you among the many who are inspired to preserve our family stories and photographs? The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is an indispensable tool that allows us to effortlessly and safely scan precious photos, important documents, fragile records of personal and family history, detailed coins, jewelry, medals, hand-drawn art, and other keepsakes. It is:

  • Mobile: Your pal when traveling. Lightweight, compact and durable. Fits in a hand bag. Battery powered. Stores the scans on an SD memory card. Scan while watching TV.  Anywhere… Anytime
  • Keeps your originals safe: Scan photos without removing them from the album, scrapbook, or frame. Take the lid off, flip it over, and position it on the original. The flat glass bed is gentle on it and it is kept safely in place.
  • Accurate: High resolution retains the detail. Colors are full spectrum and true to the original. Illumination is uniform. Image quality far superior to digital camera or smart phone.
  • Versatile: Large to small, Flip-Pal scans them all. Automatically reassemble multiple scans of larger originals like portraits, quilts and “refrigerator art” using the included EasyStitch software.
  • Simple and quick: Push the large green button to scan in 6 seconds. Take it out of the box and begin scanning within minutes. No computer required to scan.  No cables to connect. No software or drivers to install.

StoryScans software records voice and combines it with the scans.Flip-Pal is the only scanner that lets you do more than just scan your old photos and other memorabilia with the names and dates. Preserve life’s stories as talking images. Use the Flip-Pal Toolbox software (included on the SD card) to record voice and combine it with the scan into a small and also high definition (HD) video file that tells the story. The sight and sound are never separated and a special player is not required.


There are tens of thousands of satisfied Flip-Pal customers worldwide. When keeping and sharing your memories really matters, the trusted Flip-Pal mobile scanner is the ideal solution.

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