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These videos show how to solve these problems:

  • Keepsake photos that are scattered in boxes, drawers, photo albums, and remote locations.
  • They are disorganized, aging, and unprotected from loss from water or fire.
  • It is time consuming to take multiple trips to the nearest kiosk or retailer, which are then not always available and oftentimes in public view.
  • Photos that are difficult to remove from their picture frame, scrapbook or album without damaging them.
  • Family history records and newspapers that are aged, fragile, tattered, and one-of-a-kind.
  • It takes hours upon hours at a computer to scan pictures with a traditional scanner.

The Flip-Pal mobile scanner solves those problems with its patented flip-and-scan technologies that allow you to take the scanner to the picture, rather than having to take the picture to the scanner.

Photos in an album

Old letter with stitching

Newspaper article with stitching

5×5″ pictures

A stack of photos

A box of photos

Photos with curled edges

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