Collecting The Fabric Of A Life

As family historians, how do you collect the multi-dimensional aspects of a life? By using a Flip-Pal mobile scanner you can scan the 3-D parts of a life for a history. So many things are available for digital scanning: lace from a delicate wedding dress, fragile documents, medals from a grandfather’s military services, jewelry inherited from a favorite aunt, and more! The fabric of a life that tells a more rich and vibrant story is not always a neat flat picture or an easy-to-record piece of data. It often comes in multiple dimensions and in layers.
Host: Thomas MacEntee

Thomas MacEntee, presenter of Collecting the Fabric of a Life is one of the leading presenters of genealogy and family history webinars. Thomas is the founder of, a community of over 3,000 family history bloggers around the world, and a nationally-known genealogy professional, author, speaker and educator. He specializes in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogical research and as a means of interacting with others in the family history community.

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