Create a Preservation Tool Kit

Kit07-200wideYour Tool Kit Starts with Stuff You Already Have Around the House

by Mary Danielsen: Documented Legacy, LLC

Create a workspace, whether it’s a folding tea table in the corner of the dining room of a banquet table in your home office, you’ll need a place to spread out and work. Within reach you’ll need some handy tools and any archival supplies you purchased. This week create a preservation tool kit. Start with stuff you already have around the house.

When you’re just starting a family history project, compiling photos, documents and other important artifacts pile up quickly. Our priceless memories deserve archival care. Family Tree magazine offers a Document Preservation Kit that helps you identify your documents and record additional facts or stories; photocopy up to 25 fragile documents onto archival paper, protect originals in polyethylene bags; and create a digital backup on an Archival Gold CD. The instructions are loaded with great tips.

Some resources from Shop Family Tree:

Heirloom Preservation Kit

Genealogists Essential Scanning Kit

Document Preservation Kit

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